Bespoke Adhesives and Tapes – The Advantages of Direct Dealings

In the process of looking for medical adhesive converters, 3M preferred tape convertors, or simply a business to create a bespoke adhesive for your production line, there are only two ways of getting the job done. The first is to do business with the first provider you come across which at least on the surface seems to be able to tick all the boxes and is providing products for an acceptable price. The second choice is to be proactive and ensure you shop directly with the manufacturer and have them produce the items you need.

Speaking strictly, you would be forgiven for thinking that there was no or little difference – considering the fact that the final outcome might in all likelihood be quite similar. Nonetheless, the fact that custom adhesive products are needed in the first place highlights the importance of making sure the products chosen are up to scratch. If low-quality results were acceptable, second-grade adhesives picked up from a standard reseller would be good enough.

So if perfect results are the only results acceptable, here is a short overview of a just a few reasons to go direct:

1 – Quality Consistency

First up, it is worth realising that in the case of third-party resellers, these often happen to be the kinds of people and businesses that work with not one but multiple providers. Put simply, for the sake of cutting their own costs and maximising profits, they will no doubt buy from anyone that offers them the cheapest deal at a time. Which will of course work fine for them, but it means that if you were to make a bulk order or perhaps repeat a previous order, there is a big chance the quality consistency of the product might be affected. If you’d like to avoid this, it’s necessary to shop directly with the supplier.

2 – The Best Value for Money

Another thing to bear in mind is the way in which third-party resellers generally don’t do what they do as a hobby. They are in this line of work to line their pockets, rather than just you and other clients a favour. Therefore, it’s absolutely inevitable that they will be increasing to some extent the original prices of the products they are selling, in order to make sure they in fact make some money in the process. If they were selling the products for the same prices they were bought, they would be out of business pretty soon. So, it is more than worth making sure it is the supplier you work with as this is a guarantee not only of the lowest prices, but also the best possible offers and deals.

3 – Shipping Times

There will always be situations where delivery times are of no real importance and the urgency of shipping times doesn’t matter. In the other 99% of situations however, it is usually a case of the sooner you can get your hands on the goods you ordered, the better. When dealing with third-party resellers, there is nothing to say you will not eventually get everything you ordered. Nevertheless, the fact that you are running your order through a reseller technically means you are doubling the time involved and the complexity in getting the order to the actual manufacturer in the first place. If you happen to be in an industry or business area where time is indeed money, you can’t be dealing with middlemen.

4 – Getting in Touch

It is also worth realising the fact that if and when you run into any kind of problems along the way, it’s much simpler and faster to deal with the supplier directly than calling the third-party reseller. If for example you were to need a refund, an exchange or would simply need to discuss a long-tern or a repeat order, it really only makes sense to communicate all such queries directly to the manufacturer.

5 – Professional Consultation and Advice

And last but not least, as you yourself can’t be expected to know everything there is to know about bespoke custom adhesive products and tapes, it is inevitable that from time to time you’re going to require at least a little bit of help and advice along the way. From consultations to discussing products to upcoming deals and products and so on, these are the kinds of things that are standard when dealing directly with the professional adhesive supplier. Try any of the above with a third-party reseller on the other hand and chances are you will be looking at an uninspiring outcome.

Post Author: Tim Frawley