Best Marketing Lessons that We Learned from Steve Jobs

Everybody knows that Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Inc which is one of the biggest corporation in the world. People consider Jobs as being the greatest marketer ever. Moreover, there are plenty of lessons that we can learn from him which can help us turn our company into a profitable business.

Focus on your product

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Having a business may seem very difficult for plenty of you. The products, prices, customers, competition, marketing, they all seem to fight against you. That’s why it is important to follow several steps when you ”drive” a business. Firstly, you should focus on your product because this is the best form of marketing. Whether you should sell services or tangible products, you must understand that it’s important to create a great product. However, plenty of people are selling bad products. Actually, they can even advertise bad products, but they never can create a great marketing for their bad products. That’s why you should focus on delivering the best product possible.

Find an enemy

Best Marketing Lessons that We Learn from Steve Jobs Picture
Steve Jobs thought it was necessary to find an enemy. Keep in mind that an enemy may not be a real person or your competition. Your enemy can even be your conventional thinking. However, if you have a ”boogeyman”, that bad guy who makes bad propaganda against you, your first thought should be to destroy him. Try to dominate him with your products. If you have good products you can become a leader who will control the others.

Become a brand

Best Marketing Lessons that We Learn from Steve Jobs Picture
There are plenty of people who choose to buy a product only for the brand. However, you should know that a brand is not a name or a logo. From the logo, name, color, form and what your product represents for your customers, all these should create a strong brand. Steve Jobs often said that building a successful brand is much easier if you have a highly differentiated product or service from its competitors through a very significant benefit for customers. Actually, this means that it is much easier to build a brand sooner rather than later. If you are thinking about building a brand keep in mind that you will have plenty of responsibilities, because this is the most valuable asset of a company and its administration should be your essential concerns as an entrepreneur.

Post Author: Travis Bates