Facts about hypnosis

Hypnosis is definitely a domain that is wrapped in mystery, in skepticism. Having plenty of uses and purposes, this method is one that increases in popularity and both the people who practice it and their patients grow in number. Thus, it is only natural that from one point on you start to question about its benefits, history and maybe the specialists performing it. Individuals like Marshall Sylver have taken the spotlight and reign in terms of audience. These experts come to demonstrate the potential of this method and the fascinating way hypnosis can change your life. Here are a few facts about this method that could surprise and maybe even make you understand where the high level of popularity comes from.

1.Hypnosis depends on the patient

Although some specialists might be tempted to argue and disagree with this theory, there is real evidence pointing out the fact that hypnosis depends very much on the person it is performed on. It seems that some people are more open to the idea and have higher suggestibility levels. This means that effects of this therapy will be simpler to notice on such patients, than on those that are skeptical about the entire domain. Suggestibility is not something you grow, something you can work on. You either have it or you don’t. Either way, you won’t find out until you try hypnosis at least once, preferably performed by a real expert and not a fraud.

2. Hypnosis is a real science

One must not doubt the obvious. Hypnosis is without a shred of doubt a science. It has been practiced for a long time, demonstrating its benefits on people that have been seriously affect by trauma and have lost their memories. At the same time, patients suffering from mental illnesses have found real comfort in this method, being provided with real answers to long life questions. Doctors in mental institutions, hospitals and psychological clinics perform hypnosis on their patients, being sure that this method will offer them the peace and stability they are in need of.

3. Hypnosis is not always true

Nowadays people search for the unbelievable, for the phenomenal and there is nothing more exciting than seeing a person lose all control and respond to commands, without having been put under any pressure. It is incredible to watch people believe they are chickens or start singing simply because someone else old them. And when they wake up, they have absolutely no recollection of what happened. This is a game and nothing more. This is not real hypnosis, only a trick, a show trick to entertain the public. Actual specialists, reputable ones don’t apply this method on their patient for this reason. The goal is to help them, to offer them the chance to gain power over their lives, to pass over various traumas and experience the richness and beauty of their existence.

Hypnosis is many things, a trick, a psychological therapy, a method by means of which you can get better. You decide how to use it, you get to decide on the goal and the specialist you want to collaborate with.


Post Author: Tim Frawley