How Does the Food Processing Business Work?

The food industry is a very complex one since it takes a long process to get it from farms to our tables, either it is at home, at a restaurant or even on the street. Food is very perishable, so in order to safely get it from the producer to the customer it has to be processed and stored somewhere according to the temperature it needs so stay fresh and the transportation should also be very fast especially if that batch of food does not contain any preservatives (the products that are labelled with the Bio symbol). Of course, when we buy food at the local grocery store, we never think about how it was processed and how long does it take it to arrive on the shelves and it is normal. But it is never too late to get a glimpse at least at a fraction of the process and understand better what it is all about.


Since the population worldwide grew considerably, the feeding needs grew as well, so traditional farms could not keep up anymore. This is why farmers and producers needed to take action and do something about it by finding a solution that can help them do everything faster. That is how automation got into de food processing industry. But every big machine needs a Programvaresystem to work and to make the connection between its functions and human commands. Since the processing got faster, more efficient and of a better quality so did the production. It has been a real time savior in everyone’s benefit (form the producer to the customer) and actually many business owners in this field decided to partner in order to have more productivity in a cheaper way (because automation is also money saving).


The number of products that can be processed at once is far bigger that what it used to be in the past. Everything has to work on the clock in order to have a daily production big enough to supply the stores and shops that should never run out of merchandise. All the technology that works efficiently, like skjærelinjer that cuts the meat, is specialized on various kinds of raw material (vegetal or animal) and on the final products that need to be ready to go on the shelves for people to eat them.


Quality relies on the taste on one hand and on the aspect on the other hand. Somebody once said that we eat with both our eyes and our mouths, so it is important that the food looks and tastes good. Because of this, the people that work in the food processing business are trying to make it more appealing by shaping in in different forms, by using skinnemaskin to remove the skin off of the meat chunks or by seasoning it (which also gives a better taste). Buying appealing food is not something that people do out of vanity because the products that look good are usually not altered and this habit is actually inherited from our ancestors as a form of self protection.

Post Author: Tim Frawley