How to Motivate Your Team to Sell More

If you run a business, then you must make sure that the team you have has a positive impact on your incomes. This actually means that you need to give your employees a great motivation, that will make them be more productive. Here is how to motivate your team to sell more.


Money will definitely motivate any employee. Therefore, you must do the same with your team, if you want to considerably increase your sells. When it comes to this aspect you have two choices. You can either add some money to the existing salaries, or you could provide your employees a certain bonus, in case they reach the target you want they to reach. As an entrepreneur, you probably already know that most companies reward the best employee of the month, which is actually a huge mistake. It is a lot better to reward each person that reaches the target, in order to make sure that everyone is happy, and that the company will develop nicely.


Training is another important thing that a company must do for its employees. If you want to increase your sells, then you must make sure that your employees are well trained, and that they know exactly what to do in order to sell more. Therefore, they need to learn from the best, and they can do that if you organize some training sessions within the company. Keep in mind to do this regularly. Furthermore, this is a fantastic way to recognize special skills that your salespeople might have. It is very important that you choose the trainer carefully. He must certainly be an expert, with great management skills. A well trained team will help the company develop nicely and quickly as well.

Recognize sales achievements

This is a very important step that you must not forget to follow. If you, as a manager, take your time to congratulate your employees, you will actually see that they will do their best from that moment on. Knowing that your boss appreciates your work will certainly make you be more productive. It is highly recommended to do that pubicly. You must bring your employees’ achievements at sales meetings. By doing so, you will also motivate the other employees to sell more, which is fantastic.

Create a personal goal

By creating a personal goal for each of your employees, will definitely help you have a very productive sales team, and therefore, increase your sales. You must know exactly what motivates every person, in order to know exactly what to do. For example, you could offer to an employee 2 days off on his birthday, in case he meets his goal. By knowing how to motivate your team to sell more, you will actually manage to have a successful business.

Post Author: Jay Geller