How to Welcome an Employee Back to Work After Recovering from Drug Addiction

When one of your employees faces addiction problems, it’s normal to create a welcoming environment at their return. Recovering from addiction is incredibly stressful and difficult, not to mention the stigma surrounding addiction of all kinds. Employers and human resources representatives have many elements to juggle with after an employee’s like this case. There are numerous things to handle if you want to make the employee feel as comfortable as possible. Reintegrating an employee recovering from drug addiction should follow the pattern described below.

Consider the individual case

The circumstances that surrounded your employee’s departure, their medical history, these are great starting points. Think if the person got themselves admitted to a treatment center or their loved ones were the ones who took the decision. Is it the first time when the person has drug-related issues?

How about the other employees? Are they aware of the reasons behind their colleague’s absence? The answers to all these questions will most likely offer you more information on how to help your employee reintegrate better in the workplace. The Johnny Tabaie rehab method puts a great accent on the external help and understanding received by the patient and according to him, this will help them kick the addiction more successfully.

Understand what the employee has been going through

Make sure that you fully understand what your employee has been going through, for a more successful reintegration process. Investigate if they were admitted into luxury treatment centers for depression. You may not know this, but many rehabs concentrate on mental health issues at the same time, as depression is one of the leading causes of drug abuse. Learn if this was your employee’s case. If depression or other mental health concerns were contributory factors to their addiction, you might want to implement a wellness program for all your employees, to avoid further issues like this one. Learn how to communicate with them and give them credit. This will make them feel trusted and needed in the company.

Understand the stress factors

During employee reintegration, it’s important to anticipate and annihilate stress factors. Some of the most common are described below.

  • Justification of their absence in front of their colleagues;
  • Social unveiling anxiety;
  • Social judgment;
  • Fear of being misunderstood or mislabeled;
  • Anxiety that their performance in drugs’ absence may decrease;
  • Feeling bad in front of their employer for their absence;
  • Difficulty in adjusting to outside the rehabilitation program life.

These are some incredibly common stress factors that may appear in the reintegration process in the case of recovering addicts.

Make sure that you pay increased attention to your employee’s mental state. This will prevent another substance abuse episode while making them feel understood and valued in spite of their former issues. Remember that drug abuse is linked to severe mental health issues, so you shouldn’t neglect this aspect either. And last but not least, make sure that you provide a structured work schedule, a schedule that will resemble the one in rehab centers.

Post Author: Tim Frawley