Is the restroom important in the workplace?

People are relying on their sensors to find clues about the environment there are stepping in. these clues show them if they are safe in a certain space or not, but also how they are perceived by the people who surround them. Nowadays, the office is not only the space where people gather to work, but it is also a space that boosts creativity and improves performance. The experience of the worker is influenced by their senses and by the logic of the amenities, they benefit of. When designing an office-building people do not pay attention to the restroom, they focus on the aesthetics of the spaces where they work. But, it is important to understand that going to the restroom is similar to any other activity that influences the quality of your lifestyle. It is part of our lives and it influences our work dynamics. This means that the design and management of the restroom in an office building should get more attention.

The bathroom create a multisensory experience

In order to understand how to create the restroom space in an office building it is important to understand the socio-spatial characteristics this space has. The experience every user has in the restroom is different because it depends on the multisensory information they get. For example, only the colour of the restroom can evoke different feelings in different persons. It is recommended to choose a light colour, because it offers the impression of cleanliness and it makes a good choice for a public bathroom. For a plus of comfort, it is advisable to install a hand dryer, because it enhances the sensorium of the bathroom experience.

When creating a bathroom for your employees you have to keep in mind that they want the space to be a private refuge. This means that the acoustic of the restroom is important. There are bathrooms that are created similarly to sanctuaries, because they have the role to make the employees feel disconnected from the fuss from the office the moment they step in.

Restroom placement

When deciding where you place the bathroom you have to take into consideration some factors. It is important people to find it easy to access. Some companies prefer to place the restrooms in a single place because in this way they support employees to intermingle. It helps the employees feel connected with the company and get familiar with the people who work in other departments.

Also, the location of the bathroom is decided according to the gender of the employees. Some companies do not design their restrooms to be gender-specific, because they want to facilitate conversation among mixed-gender groups.

The location of the bathrooms can also encourage physical activity, because it is known that the employees who work in an office for multiple hours daily are dealing with health problems. The majority of companies have bathrooms on every floor plan the office building has. In this way, the location of the bathroom promotes walking.

The latest trends in office restroom design promote the deinstitutionalisation of the bathroom. The space should feel hospitable and the employees should consider it a place rather residential than institutional.




Post Author: Tim Frawley