Marketing tips you can steal to grow your business


If you have just started out, then you most likely have trouble retaining customers. The thing is that you are not the only one. All companies in Singapore at the beginning of the road struggle to win over customers. How do you promote your business? Marketing your business is relatively simple. You just need a solid plan. Or some tips. Since you do not have the luxury of outsourcing your marketing practices, think about using the following tips. They will help you gain visibility and reach new customers.

Use rubber stamps

How can rubber stamps help you promote your business? These small tools are surprisingly useful when it comes to making your mark. Rubber stamps can be used as signature marks. Simply put, they mark the name of your company on paperwork as proof of identity. All you have to do is give the rubber stamp maker in Singapore  a copy of your John Hancock. However, you can have engraved more than your signature.  You can engrave the company name or logo onto the rubber stamp. What you do basically is to create an identity for your business. Rubber stamps are powerful marketing tools. Do not forget that.

Identify your target market

What you should know is that not just anyone who acquires products or services is your target market. Target market refers to the group of individuals that have the same needs and characteristics. And that your company can serve. Once you identify who your target market is, you will be able to direct your marketing efforts and, most importantly, get results.

Tell people in your neighborhood about your business

If you do not let people know that your business exists, how do you expect them to come to you? what you need to do is gain coverage in local newspapers and trade magazines. Another thing you can do is create awareness ads on Facebook. The ads will reach people near your business, not to mention that the ad will look incredible. The point is that you do not need to hire an expensive PR firm to spread the word about your company.  

Start a blog

Building a blog is not a complicated matter and there is no jargon that you need to understand. As a writer, you can communicate and spread information about your company. What is more, blogging will help you reach a great number of people. All you need to be a good blogger is passion and time. You will not build an audience immediately. Building a blog audience takes time.

Build a network

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need a big network of connections to succeed. What you need is a couple of people. It is not the size of the network that is important, but the quality of the connections. Keep this in mind when you are blogging or chatting on social media. Make a list of the most influential persons in your domain of activity in Singapore and focus your attention only on them.

Post Author: Tim Frawley