Office Air Quality Standards

The quality of the air at the office is of utmost importance because it influences the health condition of many people sharing the same working space. A poor indoor air quality can cause many health issues that lower the yield of the workers so it should be a matter of concern for any business owner. Discover below which are the office air quality standards and which are the most effective ways to maintain them.
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Office air must be clean

The air in an office must be kept very clean in order to maintain a proper health condition of the workers. Ventilation must be ensured at all times and outdoor pollutant must be kept away from the offices. However, there are many cases when the indoor air quality, also known as IAQ, becomes very low and starts affecting people working in this environment. Indoor air pollutants can cause a series of diseases that mainly concern the respiratory system but they can also be related to the skin or the digestive system.
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Common IAQ problems

When you look around an office, you will find dozens of sources of air pollutants so eliminating them will not be an easy chore. Workers create carbon dioxide, tobacco smoke, perfume and body odors, dust and gases come from the building materials, volatile organic compounds are emitted by cleaning substances and disinfectants, dust mites come from carpets and upholstery, and the machines and electric motors in the offices create ozone that spreads into the air. The bigger the office, the more polluted the air becomes.
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The solutions

  • All these air impurities affect the cleanliness of the air and must be eliminated and the best solution is to use an air purifier that can absorb 99.9% of the impurities in the air. Air purifiers contribute to improving the IAQ and maintain a high standard that promotes a healthy and safe working environment. Every office should have an air purifier that will attract every particle in the air, leaving it clean and safe for breathing.
  • Another matter of concern related to office air quality is mold that can easily grow in dark and humid places and can affect not only the aspect and structure of the building and objects in it, but also the health of building occupants. Mold is a result of a high air humidity that encourages the development of mold spores in the air. In order to get rid of mold, the air humidity issue must be solved first using a dehumidifier that collects excess moisture form the air. Dehumidifiers are designed to absorb water vapors from the air and to retain them inside a container so the air humidity issue will be solved.

Post Author: Anthony Pearson