Office Supplies That Every Company Should Have

Office supplies make a company functional and progressive. These are essential tools that a company cannot do without because they oil the wheel of operation of the organization. You may find your business struggling if you don’t have access to the right tools, technology, and equipment that can get the office up and running.

The equipment to be discussed below is essential for your office. Be that as it may, the specific activities being carried out in that office can determine the specific office supplies needed to keep the place running smoothly. You can visit common seal Singapore for top quality office supplies; they can serve both local and international buyers.         


It is an essential office supply because you can rarely carry out any activity in the office without a computer. Bear in mind that computers have different specifications; first, determine the particular computer operations you want to carry out in your office and go for a gadget that can perfectly meet that need. If you intend to create a mobile office, you will be better off with a laptop  

High-speed internet access

This is yet another essential office supply for this generation. An office requires consistent internet connectivity before it can operate smoothly. Dial-up connectivity is long gone, and an office requires a broadband connection for it to work efficiently.


Aside from computer and internet connectivity, a functional office needs furniture to operate efficiently. Desks can contribute to the creation of an ergonomically correct workstation.  You can equally include a counter and table for a creative flat work surface.

Make sure the chairs you select are comfortable since those using them may have to sit down for several hours.  Aside from comfort, you should also consider how ergonomic the chair is before you buy.

VoIP and/or telephone

The traditional landline telephone may not be required again once you have mobile phones, Internet-based phone services, and VoIP technology.

Multipurpose machine or printer

You may not need a printer if you are operating a paperless office.  Even a paperless office may require a fax machine or scanning machine. Instead of buying them singly, you can always go for a multipurpose machine that can handle several activities at once.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

The function of a UPS is to provide backup power for your office. However, its power supply is usually for a limited period.  The power supplied by the UPS can enable you to save your work and also shut down the computer, especially if you are using a desktop computer that has no installed battery.

File cabinet

A file cabinet is the perfect storage space for your hard copy documents. The file cabinet can also be used to arrange these documents serially so that you can find them easily when the need arises.

Other office supplies top consider are:

  • Paper shredder
  • Fire-safe box
  • Backup drive or personal server
  • Surge protector
  • Network router
  • And so on

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Post Author: Tim Frawley