Reptiles – elements of a successful media event


A media event is a great opportunity to bring stakeholders and the media together. In fact, a media launch is one of the easiest ways for your company to get free media attention. An occurrence of this kind should not be just a one-off activity, but rather part of your overall strategy. Producing a successful media gathering is not as hard as you think. As long as you are organised, you are most likely to have a successful media event. Having a reptile show will help you too. As surprising as it may sound, reptiles are essential elements of successful corporate events in Melbourne. Reptile shows are impressive and it is highly likely that your guests will want to attend another one of your events.  What is certain is that you will leave a strong impression on both guests and journalists.

Does your business really need a reptile show?

As stated previously, media events, reptile shows more precisely, should be an integral part of your marketing campaign. The reason why reptile expos are so popular is that they offer attendants the unique chance to interact with them without the stress of taking preventive measures. Reptile shows are suitable for people of all ages, being thus the perfect choice when it comes to entertainment. The truth is that people rarely attend such occasions for brochure pictures. What stakeholders and the media are interested in is the purpose of the event, like if you are launching a new product. Basically, people are interested in anything worthy you have to offer. If the fact that you are looking to boost sales does not draw attention, a show involving pythons or a saltwater crocodile is a compelling reason.

What to consider when planning the media event

Besides booking a reptile show for your corporate event, you have to consider these aspects when planning the soiree.

  • Press release: a few days prior to the proceedings, issue a press release alerting reporters. This will help the media determine if your eeting is worthy of coverage. Keep the text simple and do not forget to mention the snakes.
  • Timing: journalists have deadlines and lives outside the office, so it is a good idea to plan the occasion so that it is convenient for them. Otherwise, you will not get full coverage.
  • Media training: unless media training is conducted, chances are that your speakers will not be able to handle the situation. Speakers have to practice a few days before their appearance. Use only the highest quality spokespersons.

Retile show – the beginning of a great campaign

Your speakers did their job and so did the persons in charge of entertainment, in other words of the reptiles. You can use reptile expos for no matter what corporate event you have planned. Snakes and geckos can be used any time your business wants to bring together employees, business partners or journalists. Keep in mind that you are not just organising a gathering. What you are doing is developing relationships with the attendants.


Post Author: Tim Frawley