Small Business Ideas for College Students

College students need pocket money all the time for fun activities or for school affairs so it’s common for them to come up with business ideas that will help them earn more money. The perfect business ideas for college students require little investments and allow them to have a flexible schedule so they will have enough time for school. For college students willing to make an extra buck, here are some great small business ideas to try.

Pool maintenance

Taking care of people’s pools is not a hard chore and it can be easily performed by college students in their spare time. With the help of a good robotic pool cleaner that costs a few hundreds of dollars, they can offer great pool cleaning services so they will manage to increase their incomes. Pool Rover S2 from AquaBot costs $285 and can be a great choice for young students starting a pool maintenance business.
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Lawn maintenance

Another great small business idea that requires little investments is lawn maintenance that doesn’t require too much knowledge in terms of gardening. All students will need is a lawn mower to help them cut the grass fast and easy so the customers will be satisfied. The Sun Joe MJ401E from Snow Joe merely costs $100 so students can use it to groom people’s lawns.

Cosmetic sales

Many cosmetic products companies are looking for young people willing to sell their products to others for a certain commission from the sales. Young college girls love the idea of becoming a sales representative for a large company like Avon or Oriflame because this way, they get to increase their incomes and try many cosmetic products.
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Food cart

To start their own food cart business, college students will need a truck, a license, and skills to cook. Although the investments in this business are a little higher, the profit also is and this business can easily become a successful one. The good news is that more colleagues can join and start this business together so the investment will be lower. The college campus offers plenty of customers so money should start coming very soon.

Web design

Students who know how to design a website can easily make some money by creating websites for certain companies. This type of service is very expensive and small companies usually can’t afford to pay a big web design agency so they will be more than happy to discover a college student who will do it for less. Still, students will appreciate the money earned and the experience they gain.

Post Author: Anthony Pearson