What are the advantages of using a self-erecting tower crane?


Construction projects aren’t something you aren’t familiar with. You run your very own construction business, so you have contributed to the building of many superstructures. Right now you’re using a conventional tower crane and you have to admit that it’s draining all of your resources. Old-fashioned machinery is like that. What you need is to buy a self-erecting crane. Self-erecting cranes have long been used at construction sites. They provide many benefits and the great news is that they are available at an affordable rate. Yes, you should be looking into self erecting cranes for sale. In this article, we will take a close look at the advantages of using a self-erecting tower crane.

Very small footprint

The one thing that you’ll not have to worry about is the space that the equipment will occupy. Self-erecting tower cranes have very small footprint, meaning that they can be positioned virtually anywhere. If space is of the essence, you need to get a machinery of this kind. A self-erecting tower crane is ideal for a restricted construction site. Since the footprint is so small, very little is required in terms of foundation.

Wide range of models

Self-erecting tower cranes are available in many sizes and capacities from 13 to 120 meter-tonnes. When it comes to capacities, special attention should be paid to city class cranes. Unlike traditional machinery, they can fit inside lift shaft and they can be operated eve by pedestrians. What is below the capacities of city tower cranes are adequate for residential and commercial projects.

Much quieter than other solutions

Self-erecting tower cranes have silent motors, which is the reason why they go unnoticed. The fact is that a self-erecting tower crane is much quieter compared to other solutions, like telescopic forklifts. The material handling solution is soundless, so you don’t have to worry about noise pollution. If you have a mid-size project on your hands and you don’t want to break noise bylaws, get a self-erecting crane. Eve a used one will do.   

Saving onsite working time

Arranging a self-erecting crane into operating position doesn’t take a great deal of time. As a matter of fact, it takes about 15 minutes. This gives you the chance to save on onsite working time. Besides the fact that you only need a couple of minutes to arrange the crane, a single operator with remote control can undertake this task by themselves.

These are only a few of the advantages of using a self-erecting power crane. Such equipment has many advantages on the jobsite. The other benefits you’ll have to discover for yourself. If you really want to purchase a self-erecting tower crane, you should know that you have a world of choices. Vendors make available new as well as used equipment. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a new piece of machinery. You can buy second-hand. A used tower crane works just as well as a new one. No matter what you choose to do, purchase only from a top vendor.

Post Author: Tim Frawley